Welcome to my site 🙂

I love to write, in addition to this, I also, first and foremost, love God. (Simplified: I am a Christian). This is one of the reason why this blog exists although I do not intend to make this site like dancing in the rain, penguin pilgrim, (I recommend you guys to read their blogs) and others Christian doctrines blog sites, my intention to make this blog is to get to know you guys.

Why? Because I never want any followers or readers but I want to be friends with you guys. I want to get to know each and every one of you guys (even though it is impossible but, hey, I have a God who makes the impossible possible). I want to listen the sound of your heart and introduce you guys to someone who always present to hear my broken heart. Out of the darkest days, He brightens my day. He strengthens my heart to face the mystery of this world each day. And that someone is a God who cares and loves every one of us. He even died on the cross for us, redeeming us, washing our sins away. That God and that someone name is, the one and only, Jesus.

I care about people because Jesus cares about every one of you guys. Therefore, I have provided my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail account so that you guys can contact me easily.

Have a blessed day to you all, my friends